Three weeks into the new year and interior design experts have set their predictions for 2023 with what could be on trend this year!

Pairing vibrant tones with earthy hues, mixing and matching styles in fashion and decor, and tapping into both nostalgic and futuristic aesthetics.

Cosy feels

A comfortable, welcoming home is top of mind as we continue to spend time indoors. Etsy has noted a 96% increase in searches for ‘cosy room decor,’ with chunky blankets, handmade quilts and pillar candles among the most sought-after accessories.

Metallics details

Metallics are having a moment thanks to the 1970s space age and Noughties nostalgia. From chrome accent decor and iridescent vases to metal statement lighting and vintage glassware, the futuristic feel of this trend is in stark contrast to the desert and cabin aesthetic.

Natural palettes

Naturals will never go out of style, but it’s time to liven up our decor a little bit. Instead of going for shades of white, beige and grey, we’re using moss greens, soft blues and clay-coloured reds to decorate our homes with candles, accent cushions and table linens.

Marvellous marble

Marble isn’t going anywhere – if anything we’re leaning towards heavier veining. The most popular room in our home for marbled patterns remains the kitchen, with a 183% increase in searches for marble sinks and a 117% increase in searches for marble coasters.

The return of the room

Say goodbye to open-plan living. With many of us continuing to work from home, we’re favouring separate spaces for work, sleep and play. Popular creative solutions include slatted panels, carefully-placed bookcases, and closed (rather than open) shelving.