Over 65 years ago, Arthur Harris, together with his son, Donald, spotted a gap in the market. It was an opportunity to do things differently. With this we were born.

Originally, “Northern Business Agency” the firm was based in Regent Terrace, Bridlington for the first five years after which they moved to their new home in Cliff Street, Bridlington. In 1960 Arthur died and Don continued as the sole principal. Don continued to expand the business, extending his office into the adjoining shop and at the same time personalising the business by changing the name to D.K Harris.

In 1982 John Linton Harris became the third generation of the family to join the firm – working alongside his father until 1991 when John became the sole principal with Don taking on a role of consultant.

January 2006 saw the opening of the second Sales and Lettings office at 25 Northway, Scarborough. Mark Shields was appointed Director in 2011. The company has always been keen to maintain a fresh, contemporary image and in 2016 a full re-brand was commissioned – with John Harris at the helm in Bridlington and Mark Shields steering the ship in Scarborough – Harris Shields Collection was formed.

The business was built on innovation, trust and local knowledge…traits we have carried with us throughout the decades.

We know Arthur would approve!