Get your Finances Sorted!

If you’re a cash buyer it is sensible to have a bank statement or similar with you to show the Estate Agent that you have the means to buy your chosen property. Having cash may put you in a good position if the seller is deciding which offer to accept. The Estate Agent must check your position and at Harris Shields Collection your financial circumstances remain confidential at all times.

If you’re not a cash buyer, you will need a mortgage. It is sensible to understand how much you can borrow before you start to look at properties and to understand which mortgage deals will suit you.

Get your mortgage arranged quickly. Harris Shields Collection can arrange a FREE mortgage quote from our in-house Independent Mortgage Advisers and if you’re accepted you will get a ‘Mortgage Agreement In Principle Certificate’ which tells the Estate Agent that you are able to proceed.

Find a Buyer First?

If you need to sell your home before you can move, find a buyer before you start to search for your new home. It can be disappointing to find that new dream home, only to be frustrated by another buyer pipping you to the post because they have sold and are in a better position to buy.


Be prepared; drive past the outside and around the area, look at Harris Shields Collection’s property details, in particular the full colour floor plan – are the room sizes right for you? If you like what you see, call Harris Shields Collection and book a viewing before someone else does!

Make Your Offer

Consider your offer – an aggressive low offer although tempting, may be counter-productive. It may lead to resentment on the part of the seller and may leave the door open for a higher counter offer.

Understand Timings

How quickly do you need to move? How quickly can the seller be out? If the timing doesn’t work for you or the seller, are you or they prepared to move into temporary accommodation?

Communication is Key

There are a number of parties involved when you move-house; you, the sellers, mortgage advisers, your solicitor to name a few – make sure you respond quickly to any queries or requests for information and if there is anything you are not sure about speak with Harris Shields Collection negotiators, they are all very experienced and will have dealt with your issue before.