EPC ratings explained

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are a relatively new thing, so both those who haven’t been in the property market for a while and first-time buyers will often have questions. EPCs were introduced back in 2007 in order to...

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Top 5 tips to prepare your home for viewings

A house viewing is another stage of selling your home and should be utilised as much as possible. When people are viewing houses, they're already looking with a critical eye, and their first impression could be lasting. From curb...

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North yorkshire moors, yorkshire walks, scarboroug

Top 5 beautiful North Yorkshire walks

Are you moving to North Yorkshire? you need to know about the beautiful walking spots, just a stone's throw away! Whilst North Yorkshire is famed for some pretty hard walks, it's also a fabulous place to visit as a family. Here...

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Bridlington, yorkshire, eastriding

A top guide moving to Bridlington

Are you looking to move to Bridlington?Bridlington's population in 2020 was estimated at 35,211, with many relocating to the coast after reassessing their lifestyles over the past couple of years. Here is our guide to Bridlington...

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UK property market update

What's happening in the UK's property market today? It isn't all doom and gloom like the media would make you want to believe... This graph shows the number of house sales (yellow line) dropping but if this was in a newspaper it...

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North Yorkshire, Scarborough, Yorkshire coast

A top guide moving to Scarborough UK

Are you looking to move to Scarborough, North Yorkshire?In 2019, 4,823 people moved to Scarborough and other areas in the UK, York, Leeds, Ryedale and elsewhere. Scarborough is an obvious contender when it comes to wanting to live...

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What's going on with the UK property market?

So what is happening to the UK's property market? Here is what has happened in the 7 days to and including Sunday 23rd October 2022. SALES AGREED 19,912 sales agreed (compared to 21,088 sales agreed last week and 2022 overall...

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Selective Licensing in Scarborough

On 5th November 2018, the council approved the designation of a selective licensing scheme for all privately rented properties within parts of the Castle, Central and North Bay wards in Scarborough. The designation comes into...

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