Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm regulation changes will be implemented as of 1st October 2022. 

From 1st October 2022 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be mandatory in all rental properties.

The government confirmed in November 2021 that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms would become mandatory in social housing following a consultation.

The main effect of the new regulations is to amend the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Regulations 2015 (2015/1693). This will remove the exemption of social landlords, so that from October housing associations and local authority landlords will be subject to the 2015 regulations.

While housing associations report a 95% rate of compliance already with these regulations (even though they have not previously applied in our sector), we welcome the new regulations because where safety issues are involved we think the legal requirements should apply equally to social housing and the private rented sector.

So what are the changes for landlords?

  • Social landlords will be required to provide a smoke alarm on every storey of their properties where there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation.
  • For both social and private landlords carbon Monoxide alarms will now be mandatory in any room with a fixed combustion compliance (excluding a gas cooker).
  • There will be a new obligation where all landlords will be expected to repair or replace alarms once fitted.
  • Landlords or agents will be responsible for ensuring all alarms are tested and working before allowing a tenancy to commence.

Once these regulations are in place, any landlord found to be in breach could be fined up to £5,000 and as such, it is vital that landlords and letting agents prepare for these changes right away.

For more information regarding domestic smoke and carbon monoxide alarms visit GOV.UK