Well we are coming to the end of 2021, what a year it has been, demand is outstripping supply which in turn has seen property prices rise. We can only speak for Scarborough and Bridlington area but there has been an increase in buyers for second homes/ holiday homes due to travel restrictions, staycations becoming the new word. Also we have experienced a large number of people wanting to relocate to the coast. We have cheaper house prices here and people can now work from home in some industries. They are selling smaller houses in the cities and buying a bigger house for less money and associating living on the coast with fresh air and more open spaces..The rental market is changing dramatically over the last 2 years with landlords selling rather than buying. We believe this to be over regulation, higher taxation and quite a few landlords now retiring and releasing the money for their retirement...What will happen in 2022, Well, I will guess that interest rates will rise slowly to try and take the heat out of inflation and rising property prices.