Well we have been back at the office for nearly 2 weeks and I have found it invigorating being back in the work environment. During lockdown I ordered PPE equipment for our offices that included sneeze guards, gloves, masks, hand sanitiser, wipes, cleaning fluids etc and even a key disinfection box. Well since the doors have reopened we have of course not been inundated with walk in customers and are disencouraging that and only want people to come to our office if absolutely essential and by appointment. Phone and email enquiries are increasing everyday and we are conducting viewings now and any potential purchaser must wear gloves and mask and observe the distancing guidelines, this of course we advise on organising the viewing and only allow a maximum of 2 people to attend. We have agreed 2 sales this week but unfortunately we have experienced 2 sales fall through due to Covid fears. Valuation enquiries and instructions are also picking up. Overall I have been very pleased with the the general attitude to people wanting to move and try and get back to some resemblance of normality but following the social distancing guidelines. We do have a handful of vendors who are not comfortable allowing viewings in their homes at the moment and that is fine and we understand. Well moving forward I can see things recovering quite well in the property market. Will prices drop 5-10% as I have seen reported. I am personally not convinced if the last 2 weeks are anything to go by.  I personally believe prices will hold steady on most properties in our area. I have realised that I don't like working from home though, it's just not me, I am set up to quite easily work from home but so enjoy being in the office and out and about on appointments. I'm sure Bailey ( our springer) will be glad of some peace and quiet. Mark Shields ANAEA Director 22nd May 2020